I have loved dogs since my childhood. I got my first dog Aku at the age of 11, year 2001. Aku was a rescue dog from Estonia and thought me so much of friendship with dogs. Aku died peacefully in my arms at the age of 16 and half years.

Manchester Terriers came into my life 2012 in the form of little Merlin. With my gentle flowerboy we started agility, obiedenced, dog shows and other hobbies and so came the idea of breeding dogs - what kind of Manchester Terriers would I like to see in the future?

Temperament, health and looks, the holy three in dog breeding and yet so hard to achieve. Living with three Manchester Terriers now and still wanting more makes me think they are definately my "heart dogs" with the small package of sportiness, happiness and alertness, althought not coming without problems of the small genepool.

Still I hope I get to enjoy these wonderful smart little dogs for years and years to come. I look for active and devoted homes for puppies from my Kennel.

Fastes way to contact me is via email pilvilinnanvaltiatar@gmail.com

Laura Niska, Helsinki 2018